• BIRD is the WORD

    BioWeapon is the first purpose-built “Green” racing fuel. It turns chickens into champions.

  • More POWER

    Engines running BioWeapon make an average of 4% more horsepower than 93 octane pump gas without re-jetting, and 6% after a tune.

  • Run COOLER

    BioWeapon engines run an average of 4 degrees cooler than pump gas due to lubrication from biological oils.

  • SAVE Money

    BioWeapon costs half as much as the competition and delivers more performance without modification.

  • SAVE the Planet

    BioWeapon is refined partly from poultry bi-products and is packaged in recycled, exchangeable containers.

Welcome to BW Fuel

BioWeapon Green Racing Fuel offers more power, lower cost, and reduced environmental impact while promoting the acceptance of biofuels among racers. BioWeapon Original Recipe is ethanol free, and not oxygenated. This means that tuning to run BioWeapon is advantageous but not required, and racers can switch back and forth between BioWeapon and pump gas seamlessly.

BioWeapon can also be left in the tank without causing harm, and stored for long durations without losing performance. BWFuel provides trackside fuel service to many events and racing organizations through distributorships operated by racers. BioWeapon is Green Racing Fuel made by racers, sold through racers, to racers, for racing. Need we say more?

New BioWeapon O2 Oxygentated Fuel!

Racers asked for it, and we delivered the best racing fuel on the market! Announcing BioWeapon "Extra Crispy" Recipe - Bird is still the Word! Enraged with O2! More horsepower than BioWeapon Original Recipe through oxygenation AND our fuel can still be left in your tank between races. We use no alcohols, which can damage most fuel systems if not handled carefully, in our newest Enraged with O2 version.

When engines are properly tuned, it has now been independently proved that BioWeapon O2 outperforms VP’s MR-12 on a BMW S1000RR through independent dynamometer testing... yet it is significantly less expensive and better for the air we all breathe.

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